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Magnesium Boost Smoothie

on March 17, 2017

IMG_0190Mostly all ingredients used in smoothie are Magnesium rich. Magnesium is a healthy mineral that plays a role in a number of chemical activities in our body. It helps maintain nerve and muscle functioning, keeps our blood circulating properly, and ensures healthy and strong bones.


  • Dry Figs 6-8 (Soaked overnight in water to rehydrate)
  • Almond ½ cup (Soaked in water overnight)
  • Banana 2
  • Sesame Seeds Black or White 2 Tsp.
  • Pumpkin Seeds 2 tsp.
  • Water 1 Cup or 1 Cup Coconut Water


  1. Add all of the ingredients with water or coconut water to a blender.
  2. Blend until everything is mixed (I am using Vitamix Blender so blending up to 30 to 40 second).
  3. Add more water if the mixture is too thick.
  4. Enjoy your smoothie and have a wonderful weekend!!

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